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Swim Lessons

Swim lessons at the LFC are a great way for your child to develop skills and gain confidence in the pool they spend their summer in.  Our talented staff make it fun to learn, and celebrate every success!

This year we are introducing a few changes to the swim lesson program. We are offering lessons in weekly segments to better accommodate summer schedules. The ratio of instructors to swimmers is being set lower with a range of 1:2 for preschool, 1:3 to 1:5 for lessons, and 1:7 for stroke clinic. Lessons are being offered in 30 minute segments to keep the youngest ones attention, but you may choose to schedule multiple lessons back to back, or schedule a lesson, take a break, and take a second lesson. The dive and swim lessons are now on the same schedule, so your child can take a swim lesson directly followed by a dive lesson. 

One important point, as has always been the case, you do not have the option to make-up swim lessons.  This is even more important this year as we are focused on providing smaller class sizes.

Parent & Tot class (for children 24-48 months old as of 6/1/17)

This class is a great introduction to the water class. With guidance from the instructors, parents will help swimmers become familiar with the water and build swim skills through songs and interactive games. Through the class, swimmers will be encouraged to kick, blow bubbles, float, begin front crawl, jump into the pool and go under water.

Preschool Swim Lessons (for children 36-48 months old as of 6/1/17)

Preschool swim will focus on water safety for younger swimmers as well as basic swimming skills.
You should sign up for preschool swim if your child:
1) Is willing to get into the pool without their parent present
2) Can enter the water independently using the stairs
3) Put their head under water

Youth Swim Lessons (minimum age 4 years old as of 6/1/17)

Swimmers of all abilities can sign up for swim lessons. Through the course of the program, swimmers will learn basic water safety, floating, kicking, safe diving, and proper technique for the four competitive swim strokes (freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly). Swimmers will be placed into levels based on what skills they come into the program with. New Levels: Starfish, Gold Fish, Guppy, Minnow, Flying Fish, Dolphins.

Stroke Work (geared for ages 8-12 years old)

Swimmers will work in small groups with the LFC swim coaches to improve their swimming ability and stroke technique. Coaches will work on stroke technique using a combination of drill and on land simulation.
You should sign up for stroke clinic if your swimmer can:
1) Swim two lengths freestyle
2) Swim two lengths backstroke
3) Swim one length breaststroke
4) Swim one length butterfly

Swimmers who do not have knowledge of all four strokes will be placed in the advanced levels of swim lessons until the swimmer learns the strokes.

The following link downloads a list of skills that swimmers will be working on in each level: Swim Lesson Skills

Swim Team


Under the direction of Coach Scott Gourley, the LFC offers a fun-filled swim team experience. While we may have won seven Conference championships over the last ten years, we’re most proud of our ability to have a good time. From six year old novices to teenage state champs, our team places first in fun!

List of key swim/dive and water polo team dates: 2017 Key Swim/Dive and Water Polo LFC Team Dates

List of LFC Swim & Dive Meet Volunteers: Swim & Dive Meet Volunteers


This year we will not be doing swim assessments for the swim team. For safety reasons, it is important that parents ensure that swimmers can do the following:

Swimmers 8  years and under (as of 6/1/17) will be asked to swim one length of the pool using the freestyle stroke (with rhythmic breathing) as well as one length of the pool using the backstroke without touching the bottom of the pool.

Swimmers 9  years and older (as of 6/1/17) will be asked to swim two lengths of the pool using the freestyle stroke (with rhythmic breathing) as well as two lengths of the pool using the backstroke.  They also will be asked to swim one length using breaststroke and butterfly, all without touching the bottom of the pool.

If your child meets the above criteria, please sign-up for swim team under memberships on the website. Also, all swim team members are encouraged to sign up for swim lessons or stroke clinics to further develop their endurance and refine their strokes. Lessons are offered immediately following swim team and are offered in 30 minute segments.

Practices and MEETS



  • Swim Ages 11+ 8:00–9:20 am (M-Th)
  • Swim Ages 10 and under 9:20–10:20 am (M-Th)
  • Dive Ages 11+ 9:25–10:10 am (M-Th)
  • Dive Ages 10 and under 8:00–8:45 am (M-Th)
  • Swim and Dive All ages 5:00–6:00 pm (M-Th), please note there is no swim practice the evenings we have a swim met scheduled, e.g., most Thursday evenings
  • Swim and Dive All ages 9:00–10:15 am (Fun Fridays)

Practices will continue for additional week for those participating in conference, concluding July 22.

2017 Meet Schedule

All meets begin at 6pm, with swimmer arrival at 4:45 for check-in and warm-up.
June 13 (Tuesday) - LFC Inter-squad (home) – tentatively scheduled
June 15 (Thursday) - LFC vs. Riverside Swim Club (home)
June 22 (Thursday) - LFC vs. Oak Brook Bath and Tennis (away – 800 Oak Brook Drive, Oak Brook)
June 29 (Thursday) - LFC vs. Five Seasons Sports Club (away – 6901 S. Madison, Burr Ridge)
July 6 (Thursday) - LFC vs. Salt Creek Club (home)
July 13 (Thursday) - LFC vs. Village Field Club (home)
July 22 (Saturday) - Conference, details to be provided as date approaches

What to bring to a Meet

  • Team swimsuit, swim cap, two pairs of goggles
  • 3 towels
  • Dry, warm clothes/sweats
  • Sharpie for listing events on swimmer's arm
  • Snacks/water
  • Small games/books for downtime activities
  • Sunscreen

Please label all towels and clothing and leave valuables at home.

Team Suits

Though not required for participation, team swimsuits and caps are available for purchase through Swimmers Edge, 7532 Janes Ave., Woodridge, IL (630) 985-2334. The 2017 team suit is Speedo’s Launch. We will provide each swimmer with one LFC latex swim cap. You also have the option of purchasing silicone caps imprinted with your swimmer’s name.

Team swim suit fitting will be held on Wednesday April 26, 2017 at LT NORTH campus (in the hallway by the pool) from 5:30-7 pm. We will have many suit sizes on hand to try on.


It's the dedication of our volunteers supporting our swim team throughout the season that makes it a wonderful experience for the kids. Without a significant volunteer force, it would be impossible to host a meet. One parent from each family must sign up for one volunteer job per swimmer, up to a max of two jobs. If you are unable to uphold your assigned job, you must find your own replacement. Failure to uphold your volunteer position will result in a $100 fee and may suspend your swimmer from swim team events. 

Lane Timer – Responsible for operating the stopwatch to record a swimmer’s time on the timer sheet. There are 2 timers per lane, plus backup. Volunteer must arrive 30 minutes before the start of the meet for instructions, and works the entire meet.

Ribbons – Places award stickers on ribbons, sorts by team, and files the LFC ribbons in the team bin. Volunteer will have to stay after the end of the meet to do this job.  

Runner – Picks up timer sheets throughout the meet from the timers and DQ slips from officials and takes them to the scoring table. Volunteer works the entire meet.  

Positive Check-In – Oversees signing in of all swimmers as they arrive for the meet. This position requires volunteer to be at the check-in table at 4:30 pm (15 minutes prior to kids arriving) and will be complete prior to the start of the meet.  

Team Pizza Coordinators –  Helps the pizza coordinator oversee sign up of LFC swimmers for pizza and soda following the end of the meet.  Helps distribute pizza after the end of the meet.  Volunteer works before meet and after meet. 

Finish Judge – Reports on the position (1,2,3 etc.) in which the swimmers finish. Volunteer must arrive 30 minutes before the start of the meet and works the entire meet.

Stroke and Turn Judge – Observe the swim, turns, and finishes of the swimmers for compliance with the technical rules of swimming.  Must attend a special pre-season training session to fill this volunteer position. Volunteer must arrive 30 minutes before the start of the meet and works the entire meet.  

More Information

If you have any questions regarding Swim Team, please contact Kristen Lorenzen, Kristy Sweigard or Becky Lemna at lfcswimanddive@gmail.com

Adult Swim Programs

Fluid Running

Fluid running, or deep water running, is a cardiovascular workout that simulates land running in the water.  The resistance of the water creates an all-body workout with no impact on the joints.  A fluid running belt must be purchased (either online or at the first class) for $40 to participate in this class.  The belt keeps the participant's head above water at all times.  This class takes place in the diving well from 6:30-7:30am and is taught by a certified instructor.

Early Morning Swim

This program is for lap swimmers over the age of 21 only.  The group meets weekdays from 6-8am and weekends by arrangement.  There is no lifeguard on duty, so it’s imperative that there be at least two swimmers present at all times for safety purposes; it is understood that swimming is done at one’s own risk. Early Morning Swim is for members only.

For more information on Early Morning Swim, contact Marie Ann Barry at MAB3042@aol.com

*Please note that each swimmer must register for early morning swim and complete the step on the registration pages. There is no cost associated with this activity.